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Here’s how to have a productive dialogue at your next appointment.

We recommend starting with these questions for your doctor. Bookmark or print this page so you have them handy for your next visit.

  • What is my risk for a heart attack or stroke?
  • What are the warning signs or symptoms I should watch out for?
  • What can I do to lower my risk of heart disease and stroke?
  • What is my blood pressure? Is it at a healthy level?
  • What is my blood cholesterol? Is it at a healthy level?
  • What is my blood sugar? Is it at a healthy level?
  • Should I lose or gain weight for my overall health?
  • Am I getting enough exercise?
  • What is a heart healthy eating plan for me?
  • Is aspirin therapy right for me?
  • Are there any supplements I should take for my heart health?
  • What screening or diagnostic tests for heart disease do I need?
  • For smokers: What can I do to help me quit smoking?
  • For women: What are the effects of menopause on my health?
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The American Heart Association® says having sound insight into your risk levels is the key to managing them.

To get a better idea of your heart event risk, use our Heart Attack Risk Assessment Tool In just a few steps you can get a more accurate assessment of your risk level – and get a plan you can reference when you ask the doctor about your risk levels.


Get help understanding heart attack and stroke risks in under 2 minutes, and get a downloadable guide you can take to the doctor.