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Bayer Aspirin tablet


Bayer® invented modern aspirin 120 years ago, and it’s the most trusted pain reliever on the shelf today. There’s a good chance your great grandparents kept Bayer® Aspirin for headaches or minor aches and pains in their medicine cabinet. Many pain reliever brands have come and gone over the last century, but Bayer® continues to be a trusted brand and the #1 doctor recommended aspirin brand.

Doctor Recommended and Many Benefits

Aspirin is recommended as a safe, reliable way to relieve minor aches and pains due to headaches, body aches and more when used as directed.

But decades of research have revealed other amazing reasons to take aspirin.

It can also help reduce your risk of another heart attack or clot-related (ischemic) stroke. As emergency medical responders can tell you, aspirin can even help save a person’s life if taken during a suspected heart attack, which is why we recommend keeping aspirin easily accessible.

Different Types for Different Needs

From well-known Genuine Bayer® Aspirin to Bayer® Aspirin Low Dose – Regimen and more, Bayer Aspirin comes in a variety of forms designed to help with different minor aches and pains – headache, toothache and backaches plus muscle pains, menstrual and minor arthritis pain – and has for over 120 years.

Is Bayer® Aspirin Right for You?

For all kinds of minor aches and pains, Bayer® Aspirin is an effective way to relieve pain so you can get back to your busy life. And if you’ve had a heart attack or clot-related (ischemic) stroke, it can help reduce your risk of another one.

Take it for Pain or Take it for Life.

Ever wonder why it’s The Wonder Drug®? Find out how it relieves pain, saves lives and keeps life flowing.

Bayer Aspirin tablet