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    We place cotton in some bottles of Bayer® Aspirin to help minimize breakage of the product during shipment from the manufacturing plants to the store shelf. This is especially important for the enteric-coated tablets, as any chip in the coating can affect the tablets ability to bypass the stomach undissolved. You can remove the cotton once the bottle is opened.

    We stopped putting cotton in some Bayer® Aspirin formula bottles because our studies indicated that removing the cotton would not cause breakage of these products.

    The small gray container is called a desiccant. Desiccants help absorb any moisture in the bottle. Do not consume the desiccant.

    Please be aware that you should keep the desiccant in the bottle even after you first open the bottle. Keep the cap closed to help keep moisture out of the bottle and away from the tablets. Please see packaging for storage directions.